Frequently asked questions

Why do the submitted works not get published immediately?

musealia is not an Internet photo gallery. The submitted works will be presented each year at one or more musealia meetings in rotating regions of Switzerland and other countries. Everyone who participates in musealia is invited to these meetings, as well as art historians, journalists and art agents. From 2017 onwards works will be available online for the first time.

What is the time horizon of musealia?

musealia is planned for generations  - like the collection of a museum. A first milestone will be 2020 with an initial musealia-retrospective in a museum.

Which artists participate in musealia?

Professional artists as well as amateurs participate in musealia. It is valuable for art history research when artists of all backgrounds document their most important works in this way. From a historical and artistic-sociological perspective artistic diversity is demonstrably more meaningful than simple-mindedness.

Can musealia help me to become successful as an artist?

musealia is a non-commercial documentation project. There can be no payment made to the artist. Through the yearly musealia meetings and the art history assessment/consolidation there is interest of art institutions in musealia. This means enhanced attention for the artist.

How can I see my submitted work?

After submission each artist receives a link to his/her work by E-Mail.

What happens with the original?

The artists retain their original works. They submit digital images of their works, not the originals themselves.

What does participation in musealia cost?

Participation is free and no membership is necessary.

How do I participate in musealia?

Decide what is your most important work of the past year and upload it in the form of an image file (maximum 3 MB). If this work consists of several parts, create a PDF. You can decide by yourself which work is most important to you and you can participate every year by sending an image file to musealia.